About MSIN

The beginning of the MSIN Group goes back to the year 2002, when the companies M.B. Satler Investicije d.o.o. and ADM Storitve d.o.o, which are the founders of the MSIN group, became the owners of the KIG d.d.

On July 23, 2004, the company Mohar Satler Investicije d.d. company was formed as a public limited company. On April 10, 2009 the company’s legal form of organization and the name were changed to MSIN d.o.o.

MSIN today

Today MSIN has a controlling share in the following companies: CETIS d.d., KIG d.d., EGP d.o.o. and DONIT TESNIT, d.o.o., with around 950 employees.

Through capital the owners are also linked to the companies Kremen d.d. and Žima d.d., with a total of more than 80 employees.