Our services


a Slovenian Private Equity firm which is acting in three business areas:

  1. MSIN Investments
  2. MSIN Consulting
  3. MSIN Real Estate

MSIN Investments

Our main focus is to recognize investment opportunities and transform them into successful long-term projects by utilising our management method, motivated employees and clearly set objectives. For more details about our company portfolio, please click here.


MSIN Consulting

Additionally we offer Financial Investors trustworthy and experienced consulting services in order to ensure that their investments are managed properly in the short-, mid- and long-term, thus making enterprise value above or close to the Investors nominal debt position. For more details, please click here.


MSIN Real Estate

Lastly we are active in the field of real estate management. MSIN actively manages the real estate projects owned by our portfolio companies in order to improve and optimize the utilisation of those premises. For more information about our current real estate projects, please click here.