Advantage of MSIN Consulting

MSIN delivers leading edge consulting services to Owners of distressed companies

Our advantages are:

  • Outstanding track record with repetitive success pattern
  • Bringing not only consulting services to the existing management, but also managerial expertise into the mandate company
  • Ability to attract high potential individuals to add value to the company in crucial areas during the restructuring phase:
    •  Corporate governance and culture
    •  Hard core restructuring if needed
    •  Business intelligence and market development
    •  Sustainable value creation
  • Optionally going in with own capital
  • One stop shop: MSIN holistic approach where no other party is needed to salvage the distressed company

The MSIN Consulting approach helps the Investor to

  1. Save their assets in the first place
  2. Stabilize financial results of the company in the short-term
  3. Improve operational excellence and cost structure in the mid-term
  4. Create more value out of the existing investment in the long-term

If you would like to know more about the MSIN consulting approach or would like to discuss consulting opportunities, please contact Marko Mohar at