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The MSIN Consulting Approach

MSIN Consulting offers true value for the investor by not merely selling consulting services, but also delivering efficient reconstructing solutions for distressed companies. MSIN Consulting offers a complete rescue vehicle out of a single hand.

Two scenarios are possible:

  1.  Owner / existing management is cooperative with creditors: „We are the Change Agent“
  2.  Owner / existing management is not cooperative with creditors: „We take over the company”

The MSIN Consulting approach helps the Investor to

  • Save their assets in the first place
  • Stabilize financial results of the company in the short-term
  • Improve operational excellence and cost structure in the mid-term
  • Create more value out of the existing investment in the long-term

Phases of MSIN Consulting engagement

To enable the consulted companies to regenerate a positive cash flow and to ensure long-term value creation we have defined a proprietary process:  

  1. In-depth Analysis of the situation
  2. Financial Restructuring
  3. Operational Restructuring
  4. Market Restructuring
  5. Sustainable Value Creation

If you would like to know more about the MSIN Consulting approach or would like to discus consulting opportunities, please contact Marko Mohar at marko.mohar@msin.si.