Advantages of MSIN Investments

MSIN is a long-term, successful, privately held investment firm in Slovenia. Our portfolio of companies was able to achieve continuous growth throughout the past few years and we are targeting double digit EBITDA results for each of the companies within the group. As private Investors we even have a higher interest than institutional Investors in the healthy development of our companies and above-average Cash-Flow results.

The advantages of MSIN as an Investor are:

1) Experienced Management Team:
Our Leadership and Management Team has vast experience in the restructuring of production-orientated companies in Slovenia. Additionally our team has decades of personal experience in various management functions in Controlling, Finance, Sales, Marketing and Brand Management in global firms such as IBM, Motorola, W.L.Gore, Swatch and Activa Group. By joining our complementary capabilities in the fields of Company Strategy, Corporate Finance, Business Development, Controlling and Operations, Sales & Marketing and Legal Affairs we created a team which is one of the most competent and skilled in Slovenia.

2) Strong support:
MSIN actively manages its company portfolio. With detailed annual business planning and through quarterly and monthly meetings we work together with the Leadership Teams of the companies on key business areas such as Corporate Financing, Company Strategy, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, R&D, Customer Service and Quality.

3) Human Touch:

The long term success of MSIN and its portfolio companies depends on the capability to attract, retain and develop employees who are able to ensure profitable growth on a continuing basis. In 2011 we have developed the MSIN HR Policy in which we defined central elements of our Human Resources strategy and principles. A prerequisite for dealing with people is respect and trust. At MSIN owned companies there is no room for intolerance, harassment or discrimination.

4) Security:
Being part of a larger group of companies gives our companies the opportunity to overcome short-term problems through economic downturns. We are acting in various industries and they have different cycles. Some of them depend more than others on current market developments. Belonging to a group with Sales of more than 60 Mil.€ and more than 800 employees gives all our employees a feeling of security and belonging.

5) Synergies

We provide best practices throughout the portfolio and we bring together experts from various fields to look for group synergies:

  1. Optimizing Corporate Financing
  2. Better buying conditions through group contracts or joint purchasing
  3. Sharing best practices
  4. Leadership Development

  5. International Business Development
  6. Human Resources Policy
  7. Customer Network