Investment principles

Above-average capital yield

  • MSIN is focused on investments in distressed companies as they promise value creation potential and the MSIN management team has vast experience and a unique skill-set to deliver results
  • MSIN invests only companies in which it can have complete control of the firm's equity
  • MSIN is helping portfolio companies to grow at a faster rate than their competitors in order to create added value
  • We are doing this through management incentives, tight monitoring of the results and forward-focused strategies
  • Entrepreneurs and Top Management are stimulated to retain equity stakes in the companies they manage

Company growth and development

We are long-term and objective-oriented owners. Together with our companies’ management teams and our employees we strive for a competitive position and market success of our companies.

The following objectives are our main priorities:

  1. Above average capital yield
  2. Company’s growth and development
  3. Optimum utilization of all companies’ resources and suitable financial structure
  4. Business risk management
  5. Satisfaction of all business process stakeholders

We want our portfolio companies to invest in long-term competitiveness. We encourage them to invest in human resources and technology and we direct them to strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

We have established strong partner relationships with our companies’ key personnel in order to create added value. Our management personnel are given the opportunity to join the ownership structure of the companies they manage.