New Investments

Investment focus

Our investment focus is on mid-sized Slovenian companies with a high export share and proprietary technologies, products and services in the range of 10 -50 Mio EUR annual sales

  1. Less dependent on SLO/SEE economy
  2. More competitive due to fierce market environment
  3. Better financing opportunities
  4. Higher investments in people, technologies, brand and marketing are possible
  5. Better ability to attract talent

Targeted industries

We are targeting our investments at future-orientated and sustainable industries such as:

  • Security Printing & Packaging
  • Traffic Management
  • Sealant Solutions
  • Micro Electronics
  • Alternative Energies & Clean Technologies
  • Sustainable Food & Agriculture

We are always interested in looking at new investment opportunities. The number of companies losing their competitive advantage and becoming financially distressed has increased in previous years. Many companies are waiting for “the end of the crisis” and have not realized that the current situation is “the new normality”. What we have seen in the past years isn’t to be considered as a crisis, but a fundamental shift in the way businesses need to act in the market place.

If you would like to introduce us to a new investment opportunity, please contact Marko Mohar at