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DONIT is Enhancing Its Laboratory Capability

15. 12. 2020

Complying with the increasingly stringent legal regulations requirements and committed to providing end-users of our sealing materials and gaskets thereof with the finest technical support and the best available fundamental information on materials, we have supplemented our diversified sealing materials testing facility with an advanced testing “pressure equipment”. In fact, this latest “TEMES Fl.exi” set-up is a top-of-the-line best available device enabling material characterization under real simulated service conditions.

With this support, DONIT demonstrates once again its uphold policy to offer advanced high-performance sealing materials and gaskets thereof, backed up by a fully reliable information on properties obtained using the latest testing techniques.

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Donit Continues with Gasket Installation Video Courses

26. 11. 2020

Donit Tesnit, d.o.o., has recently published the second video about proper gasket installation. This video explains the importance of the sequence order of bolts tightening. In order to demonstrate it, Test A versus Test B is performed. These differ in bolting sequence, and the Final corresponding stress distributions on the gaskets are clearly shown on Fuji films.

For more information, please see this short and comprehensive Video Course available here:

To see the first video about importance of fasteners lubrication, please click here:


New at Donit: Gasket Installation Video Course

15. 10. 2020

A poor gasket installation can result in a leakage or even worse - a disaster! Therefore, a set of rules which Donit’s video clips will present step-wise should be strictly observed. Rule No.1: fasteners should be well lubricated! This guarantees the best result. For more information please see short but comprehensive video course available here:


Coming Soon: Donit Educational Videos on How to Successfully Install a Gasket

22. 9. 2020

In the picture: a glimpse of the filming day


Technological Advances at DONIT:

19. 8. 2020


During the 2020 pandemic-originated economic slump which will live in infamy, DONIT was active upgrading its products and fine-tuning production lines, as well as investing in new core processing technologies. On another front, banking on our solid knowledge in chemistry and our can-do flexible attitude, we seized the opportunity to developing and producing our own brands of industrial disinfectants for hands “DoniSept” or inanimate surfaces “DoniClean” (for more information, please contact info[at] Tough times challenge us to adapt and be even more efficient and inventive in order to gain a winning advantage.

In particular, foreseeing spiking demands in graphite-based materials for our advancing world, we have stepped up the productivity of such type of soft flat gaskets. Already the diversified graphite-containing GRAFILIT® and DONIFLEX® families figure in DONIT portfolio, and have found privileged applications in various tech-industries. Besides, fiber-based TESNIT® BA family also underwent a revamp.

Noteworthy, new additional gasket sheet formats are from now-on available:

  • for GRAFILIT® EM & IQ in sheet format 1250 x 2000 mm,
  • for DONIFLEX® in sheet format 1480 x 2000 mm as well as in rolls 1480 x L mm.

However less-useful formats were streamlined.

Also, anti-stick “IQ” and “PTFE” are optionally available within TESNIT® BA and DONIFLEX® families, respectively.

In-line with our pledge, technical novelties were integrated in our regular production processes thereby reinforcing the product properties and quality, while shortening lead-time. We are committed to providing ever better services with swifter deliveries, and clients will definitely benefit from our all-time best products. The novel-version of our products will live up to your expectation as we at DONIT believe that: quantity is something one counts but quality is something one counts on!


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